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In 1926 Karp’s Hardware was founded by Harry Karp.  The store moved twice through the difficult years of the thirties, finding success at 328 Atlantic Street.  Harry Karp and his brother Isadore ran the store through the forties.  In 1947, Rudy Herz joined the Company, and in 1950, Harry’s son in law Hy Fogel came on board.  Harry Karp retired in 1965.  Hy Fogel took over as president of the Company with Rudy and Isadore as partners.

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Lawn and Garden Supplies

We have lawn fertilizers, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and other great tools for maintaining your lawn and garden.  Enjoy your yard by adding a grill, lawn furniture, and other ornaments. 

Paint, Paint Mixes, and Supplies

If you're getting your home put together, or trying to improve your living space, we offer a robust amount of paint supplies and painting mixing services.  Check out the latest pre-made swatches or make the shade that fits your needs.  Get brushes, rollers, finishes, thinners, and any other necessary elements to give your paint job a professional touch.

Automotive Supplies

You have to maintain your vehicles.  Need parts or accessories?  Stop in at Karp's to get engine parts, headlights, floor mats, and tools to keep your cars, trucks, vans, and more in clean, perfect working order. Check out our automotive product list.

Hardware for Home Improvement

Fixing things around the house?  We've got tools and parts for doors, windows, cabinets, and the other bits of your home that need upkeep from wear and tearDoor knobs, hinges, nails, screws, rope, twine, anchors, screw drivers, hammers, wrenches, and more available at Karp's.

Electrical and Plumbing Supplies

Keep the power on and pipes open with electrical and plumbing supplies found at Karp's.  Get light bulbs, wiring, fuses, and switches, among other parts for electrival maintenance.  Clear the drains with chemicals, plungers, piping.  Buy new faucets and taps.  Do yourself a favor with home plumbing tools.


Karp's carries regular appliances and accessories that will help you keep your home in order.  Cleaning products include vacuum cleaners (from many great brands like Hoover and Eureka), dusters, brooms, chemical sprays, and storage bins.  We've got kitchen appliances such as refridgerators, microwave ovens, conventional ovens, and dishwashers.