Automotive Supplies

Auto Parts Store in Stamford, CT

You already know that we can supply you with everything you need for repairs and improvements in your home and garden. But did you know that we can also make sure your vehicle is fit and ready for the road?

Karp’s Hardware is proud to be able to provide automotive tools and accessories to our customers. From waxes and polishes to batteries and coolants, we’ve got you covered. Our Stamford, CT store carries all the things you need to keep your car in the best possible condition, all year round. With highly competitive pricing on some of the best quality automotive products available, Karp’s Hardware has what you need.

We understand the importance of keeping your vehicle’s oil clean. Each manufacturer sets its recommendations on when you should get an oil change. Keeping up to date with your oil changes and filter changes can help save you time and money down the road. If you are someone who knows how to complete oil changes, Karp’s has got what you need. From oil and oil filters to, oil funnels and more, we have everything you’ll need to successfully change your oil and oil filter and allow you vehicle to run properly.

We carry the following at our hardware and auto parts store:

• Auto accessories
• RV and mobile home supplies
• Battery chargers and accessories
• Cleaning and waxing products
• Auto filters
• Oils and lubricants
• Gas and kerosene cans
• Servicing and testing equipment
• Tie downs and towing items
• Tire and wheel accessories
• Air compressors and tire inflators
• Winter road safety equipment
Whether you are looking to improve the look of your car’s bodywork with paint touch ups or keep the engine and other moving parts tuned up, we have something for you. We can even improve the interior of your vehicle with clocks, compasses or air fresheners. Come on down to Karp's Hardware today and the automotive supplies you have been looking for – all with our famous quality and affordable prices.
Did You Know?

Engines that run by internal combustion of fuel need air to operate. Without the air, gasoline can’t burn. Not just any air will do, though. The air being sucked in to the engine must be cleaned, free from dust, dirt and other debris. This is why we need air filters; to help clean the air passing through to the engine. Without air filters, you would experience engine performance problems and the life of the car could be cut very short.

At Karp's Hardware, we offer the auto filters you need to keep your vehicle safe. Stop into our auto parts store in Stamford, CT for the best parts at affordable prices.
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