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No matter what size they are, you can rejuvenate your outdoor spaces with our excellent range of lawn and gardening supplies. As with all our other products, you'll find our range of outdoor tools and accessories to be highly durable, of great quality and sure to serve you proudly well into the future. 

Whether you have cabin fever and are ready to start your garden or you find yourself in the middle of summer needed extra gardening supplies to fix up your home, Karp's Hardware in Stamford, CT has what you need. Our full line of gardening supplies will help you solve all of your gardening needs. From seed spreaders to fertilizer, hoses and more, we’ll help you make sure that the warmer months are much more enjoyable. Get started on your outdoor projects today with our help!

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We're proud to offer
Lawn & Garden Products
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Our wide range of gardening tools includes:
• Axes
• Shovels
• Mauls
• Picks
• Cultivators
• Hoes
• Forks
• Post hole diggers
• Scampers
• Tampers
• Weeders
• And more!

We offer Weber grills!

Do you like to grill during the summer months? Are you in need of a new grill or grill accessories? At Karp's, we offer a variety of Weber grills. From portable grills to smokers, grill covers and charcoal, we have all the grilling accessories you need. Choose from a variety of grills to fit your needs as well as your budget. Get ready for those summer BBQ’s with family and friends by picking up all the things you need at Karp’s!
Snow shovels

Make sure you keep your property looking good even in winter. Snow shovels keep your driveway, pathways and patios clear, even when the weather is at its worst.

Seed spreaders

When it's time to sow seeds, you are going to need a seed spreader to make sure your grass or other seeds are properly spread, for optimum growth.

Pest control products

If you need to get control of bug and insect populations, we have everything you need. We have traps, sprays and foggers to keep ants, spiders, aphids and fruit flies from spoiling your garden.

Bird feeders and seed

Attract feathered friends to your garden by installing bird feeders. Not only are birds attractive creatures to have around, but they are an important part of any ecosystem.

Fencing and edging

Whether you are trying to keep unwanted animals from your garden, or you are trying to separate vegetable patches and flower beds, we have many pleasant and practical border solutions for you to choose from.


We have a huge range of styles available so you can find what you have in mind. And don't forget, we carry a complete range of potting soil too.
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